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A former landscape architect, my work is heavily influenced by my experience of growing up by the beach on a Mediterranean island, and my consequent love of nature. Using pebbles and shell fragments collected on my favourite beach, and twigs and botanical elements discovered on weekend walks, I have been creating jewellery that sparks a deep emotional reaction, and a desire to own one of my creations.

The unique aspect of Brandts Jewellery is the fact that, although inspired by nature, each piece is carefully honed, sculpted and hand polished to produce a piece that is not an exact copy, but an idealised version of nature. The resulting jewellery is understated, sublimely beautiful, sometimes edgy, but always wearable. I am obsessive about detail and strive to achieve the ideal balance between form and function. With collections spanning a range including statement necklaces, and bangles to stacking rings and friendship bracelets, my creations are contemporary and understated, and very accesible.


About Me

It took me a while to find my true calling.  Following an MA in Law from Cambridge University and a year in law school in London, I joined the family business designing, manufacturing and retailing fine lingerie, with stores in locations such as Kings Road and South Molton Street in London, and stockists across the globe from Japan to the US.  After about 7 years, I found myself bogged down in a world where retailing was dominated by huge multi-national fashion brands that proliferated every high street, and coffee and mobile phone chains pushed up rents to the extent that the more unique, smaller retailers were suffocated.  This is in the late 90s, before the advent of artisan everything, and a yearning for unique, hand crafted products, a personal relationship with customers and the focus on fair and ethical trading.  


So I got off the treadmill, went back to college and studied to become a Landscape Architect.  I was looking for a simpler life, to reconnect with the environment and spend more time being creative.  Sadly, I found out that it was just another desk job, driven by long lists of deliverables and deadlines, and hours spent in design team meetings where everyone quite liked the sound of their own voice. Eventually the stress and frustration started to affect my health until I had to stop work.  


After a break, I just realised that I had yet again found myself in the wrong world.  Inspired by a friend, I started to make jewellery.  Self taught at first, I supplemented my skills with courses at the London Jewellery School and Central Saint Martins.  Almost 10 years on, I absolutely love what I do.  I have built up a small, but happy, online and in-person business. I have countless happy customers who come back to me time and again because we are kindred spirits - they love my work, and I love them because they get me and my work.  I also found myself in a supportive community of other creative people, friends aqcuired through Craft Central and Etsy teams.  Best of all, I am now able to manage my working day to fit around a healthy lifestyle and am able to devote quality time to be with my daughter Lily. 


My Team

I am the team.  However, I have a network of highly skilled, world class craftsmen based in Hatton Garden, London's famous jewellery disctrict, that I tap into as and when I need their specialist skills.  I use stone setters that work with all the big name Bond Street jewellers, and gold platers that are the best in the country - they also have the royal warrant.  These services don't come cheap, but ensure that each piece you buy is top quality.


Get in Touch

If you have any questions, would like a bespoke piece of jewellery, or like something you see on this website but would like it just a little bit different, or personalised/engraved, anything at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  If I don't answer the phone straight away, please do leave a message.  I might be dealing with a maths homework crisis, but will get back to you as soon as I can.

+44 (7770) 918 452


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I'm not very good at shameless self-promotion, so if you follow me on social media you will get a better idea about what I find interesting, meaningful or beautiful, with occasional glimpses into my working day.

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